Dite & Nutrition

Dite & Nutrition

Diet Consultations

Ayurvedic treatments, while on their own can be effective way to cure the root cause, nothing takes away the benefits that accrue, when the treatment is supplemented by a clean, pure diet that is holistic and nutritious to the patient’s specific issue.

Bodhi offers all it’s clients (not only clients taking treatments with us) food & nutrition consultation with a Diet & nutrition expert from our Bodhi panel who will assess body type, dosha imbalances, areas requiring immediate attention, medical history and health goals. This can be for a person whose goal is to gain/reduce weight, get healthy/fit or also as an option to take while getting treated for any specific problem that is heavily diet driven.

We also offer contacts of top suppliers of organic produce who clients can try to ensure they eat chemically free food.

Slimming and Weight Loss/Gain treatments

In Ayurveda, Excess weight is described as Medhoroga or Sthaulya Roga which occur due to mithya ahara, vihara (improper diet and sedentary life style) causes Medovaha sroto avarodha leads to “Medho roga’. At Bodhi, special Weight loss programs are included in the obesity therapy with the purpose to reduce your excess fat, to correct the irregular metabolism and to clear the bodies channels.

Abhyanga with specific oils, Udwartana with herbal powders and pastes, steam bath, Dhanyamla dhara, kashaya vasti, bullet coffee etc., mobilize the accumulated fat, whereas, specially designed Panchakarma procedures for detoxification clears & prevent its further accumulation. Diet & Life style modifications plays an important role in the management of weight. Practice of specific yoga postures is also advised to reduce body weight